Monday, 26 April 2010

Becoming a helicopter pilot

Welcome to Phoenix Helicopter Academy, we are a new and enthusiastic helicopter operator and helicopter training school located at the popular and charismatic Goodwood Aerodrome, Goodwood, Chichester, West Sussex. The perfect location for all your helicopter need from helicopter gift lessons and flight to helicopter pilot training and helicopter charter.

Learning to fly and undertaking helicopter lessons can be one of the most challenging and definitely the most rewarding activity you will ever undertake. It’s addictive and you will form a passion about helicopters. At Phoenix we are a specialist helicopter training school with training as our core business. We believe that the combination of career dedicated instructors coupled with the helicopter friendly Goodwood Aerodrome and beautiful West Sussex countryside accompanied by quality aircraft makes for the perfect lesson trio.

There are two main Licences, the PPL (H) Private Pilots Licence Helicopter and the CPL (H) Commercial Pilots Licence Helicopter.

The PPL (H) is a licence set out by the CAA which allows you to fly any helicopter you are rated on and entitled to fly without remuneration or pay. It is a leisure licence. It is also the first stepping stone to becoming a commercial pilot where you will be able to fly helicopters for pay. In order to obtain a PPL licence you must complete a CAA recognized course of 45 hours flight training and 7 written exams all done in-house with us, obtain a class 2 medical and a Radio Telephony (RT) licence followed by a flight test.

The CPL (H) allows you to work as a helicopter pilot in any JAR European Country. It does require more exams but they are the same subjects as the PPL, just in more detail. Undertaking a CPL (H) is a big decision requiring a big commitment both in time and money. At Phoenix we can help you through the decision making process by providing all the facts helping you decide if it is a career for you. We carry out a free Commercial Pilot Seminar normally every month, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The full details and layout of the courses are attached at the bottom of this page as eBooks PDF.

Phoenix Helicopter Academy is a young and enthusiastic helicopter flying school with very experienced instructors. Helicopter Pilot Training is our core business and our instructors will go out of their way to make your lessons as enjoyable and productive as possible. At Phoenix you can expect to be treated as a valued customer and not simply a number. All your lessons are based on a full two hours with full pre and after flight briefing, stage check assessments combined with individual training plans.

Goodwood is the perfect environment for learning to fly. It is based in uncontrolled airspace, has very large helicopter hovering areas and unusually for airfields these days does not have circuit costing which would save you over £600 compared to other airfields. Goodwood has been established as an airfield for many years and forms part of the Goodwood estate with a racing circuit around the aerodrome perfect for us petrol-heads. Most of our training in undertaken either along the West Sussex coast line, or the Sussex South Downs. At Phoenix your training start straight away as we are not based in controlled airspace there is no need for large parts of your lesson to be spent either departing or rejoining a control zone.


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